Ronnie Screwvala once said “Indian entrepreneurs will be unstoppable” and unstoppable they truly are.

Meet Mrs Karuna Borwal the proud proprietor of the up and coming beauty brand Nitya Ayur, she started off as a humble homemaker who handmade her beauty product for friends and family just because she loved doing so.

This led to her reputation for making these amazing products precede her and soon everyone and their mothers wanted a piece of her products for themselves. Even though this was a good thing this meant Mrs Karuna Borwal had to face new challenges in the shape of going into, the competitive beauty space that is dominated by giants, design her packaging, her logo, figure out her distribution channels, and so much more all during a pandemic that hit most businesses all over the nation.

She has now successfully launched her all natural beauty brand


Studio Ogaan is pleased to be a part of this wonderful woman’s entrepreneurial journey and mission to deliver quality beauty products to every person that needs it.

We love crafting beautiful, smart and inspired work that is focused on a business’ goals and their customers.